D-link Modem 4G LTE HSPA + Router DWR-910 (87572634) Products
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Name D-link Modem 4G LTE HSPA + Router DWR-910
Secondary Name D-link modem + router
Code 87572634
Type Standard
Brand D Link
Category NETWORK
Price 2,500.00BDT
Unit Piece (001)
In Stock 0.00
Product Details

The 4G LTE USB Router lets you share your fast mobile connection over Wi-Fi from a device small enough to fit in your pocket. With the DWR-910, you can get online with your notebook, smartphone, tablet, and any other wireless device by sharing a single 4G LTE connection. The DWR-910 will provide high-speed Wireless N Internet access for everybody – whether you are with colleagues on a business trip, or when you are travelling with friends and family.

The DWR-910 is truly plug-and-play with drivers built right into the router so you can connect without the need to install anything. Open a browser, connect the router, and you can set up your network right from a web interface. Notebooks and netbooks without a CD?ROM drive can connect and get up and running in no time. You can even plug the DWR-910 into any powered USB port and provide wireless connectivity to your mobile devices without a PC

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